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Ask emma and elsieFirst let’s back up a second and talk about blogging, or what it means to run an online publication. Here on A Beautiful Mess we post everyday, usually a couple times a day. That means we are constantly creating new content. Like, all the time. Sometimes this can feel like a lot of pressure, but we also love the challenge and the motivation to keep pushing ourselves creatively.Rain boots failHere's a rain boot DIY that didn't make the cut—they were cute but just not quite right in real life. The paint never cured completely. They were sticky and the paint smeared a little. 

We are constantly trying new things and learning every day. Learning from our mistakes? Yeah, we totally do that. It can be frustrating to spend an entire afternoon on a project only for it to turn out to be total disaster. That’s a bummer! And although it’s tempting to try and fake a good picture of the project and blog it anyway, we don’t. There are a number of projects that don’t make it to the blog because they just didn’t meet our standards.Pie failHere's a pie that didn't quite turn out... the recipe needs a bit more tweaking before it gets shared.

This is probably going to sound cheesy but, we are proud of our projects and we want to put out our best efforts and the things that inspire us the most. Plus, every time we have a flop it’s good to try and remember that it’s an opportunity to grow and get better at your craft. Life was made for learning. xo. elsie and emma


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