Fancy smores 1Fancy smores 3Fancy smores 2S'mores are an absolute bonfire necessity. If you build a fire and you don't make s'mores—well, what are you doing with your life?! (Just kidding—you don't have to be as crazy about s'mores as we are.) Graham crackers, chocolate and toasted marshmallows are an absolute classic. For our back yard bonfire we attempted to take this classic treat and fancy it up a bit! We made sure to have a variety of chocolates available: dark, milk and cookies n' cream bars. We also had fresh fruit for adding into your s'more sandwich, or enjoying on its own.Fancy smores 4We pre-coated some graham crackers with different flavor combinations. We had (from left to right): mint chocolate chip, strawberries and cream, dark chocolate with sea salt and coconut cream.

You can add flavor extracts to melted white chocolate to create so many different flavors. Keep in mind that extracts (and most food dyes) will cause melted chocolate to harder faster; so you may need to spread your chocolate onto your grahams quickly if you choose make some of these combinations.Fancy smores 5Fancy smores 8Fancy smores 7Fancy smores 6Have fun making up your own flavor combinations and finding your favorite! xo. emma and elsie

All photos by: Janae Hardy


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