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DIY polka dot rugRugs can transform a mediocre space into something more special but it's not always easy to find one you love on a tight budget. While nothing can compare to that rug you've been saving up for, this DIY is a great option for areas that need a little pick me up such as a studio, a guest room, or your front porch.

DIY polka dot rug 2One: You'll need a low-pile carpet, freezer paper, a dinner plate (or however large you want your dots to be), a pen, scissors, an iron, possibly an extension cord, masking tape, spray paint in a contrasting color, a large piece of cardboard, and a work glove. Two: To create a stencil, spread freezer paper across the width of your rug and cut at the edge. Evenly space your dinner plate (or other size) and trace 4-5 dots across your first row. Three: Add three more rows of freezer paper and tape them all together to create a larger stencil. Stagger your dinner plate circles so that your second row starts with a half circle and ends with a half circle. Make sure your third row lines up with your first and your fourth row lines up with your second, etc. Four: Cut out all of your circles. Take your rug to a well-ventilated space that is also close enough to an outlet. Follow the manufacturer's instructions and iron all over the freezer paper so that it sticks to your carpet. If you move it after you iron it it'll likely come off. Five: Spray paint your circles making sure you don't spray over the edge of your stencil. Place a piece of cardboard under the edge of your rug so you don't spray the ground.Six: If your freezer paper is coming off, gently press down the edge of the paper wearing your work glove while you paint. Seven: Your stencil may only cover half of your rug so pull it off once the paint is dry and place it down again so that your pattern repeats evenly. Repeat the process. Allow your rug to dry before you move it. 

Another option is using acrylic craft paint if you don't have access to a well-ventilated area to spray paint your rug.

DIY polka dot rug 3DIY polka dot rug 4I made mine to cozy up my basement closet. I love the bold pattern of the large polka-dots but it'd be just as striking to create a striped rug! Enjoy. xo. Rachel


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