Side braid 1Side braid 3Braids can add so much interesting texture to your look! Here's how you can take a classic french braid and style it two different ways to get a pretty side braid. Sarah demonstrates how to style a side braid on our model Sarah (two pretty Sarah's in one place!).Side braid steps1. Gather a large section of your hair starting from one side of the crown of your head and sweeping to the other side. 2. Begin braiding three small strands from the top of this section. 3. As you braid add more strands from the original section. 4. Be sure to braid so that your hair wraps around the top of your head. 5. Finish by wrapping one strand around the entire braid, securing it in place. You could use a hair tie as well and wrap the hair around the hair tie, hiding it.Messy side braid 2If you want to give your side braid more volume and go for a bohemian styling.Messy side braid steps1. Once you have gather your large section from step one above, tease this hair to add volume. 2. Follow the directions above with the teased hair. This side braid will have more body and will look messier.Messy side braid 1Messy side braid 3This hair tutorial was created in collaboration with Sarah Chapman, a professional hair stylist at Blu Skies Hair Studio in Springfield, Missouri. If you're local, give her a call!


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