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Skinny tie DIYWe were pleasantly surprised to find how easy it is to make your own skinny tie from a vintage tie. One of these would make a great gift for your mister. Or if you are having a hard time finding the perfect matching ties for a set of groomsmen—make your own!Tie steps21. Supplies: Fabrics, vintage skinny tie (we used a damaged one with stain on the front), scissors, sewing pins, iron, and sewing machine. 2. First, take apart the vintage tie so that it's one long strip. Some ties have a section in the middle where it separates into two pieces. You can make your pattern having two separate pieces, or you can skip that step if your fabric is long enough to make it out of one piece of fabric. Make sure you make a mental note of all the of folds and stitching places so that you will need to mimic for the new tie. 3. Next, pin the vintage tie onto the fabric, making it a pattern. 4. Then, cut out your new tie. 5. Mimic all of the folds and stitching the vintage tie had. You'd be surprised how easy this really is! We only made a few folds on each end and one long stitch down the middle of the tie. Be sure to iron each fold, making it line up perfectly before stitching it up. 6. All done!How to make a skinny tieYou can use any fabric you prefer to make your new skinny tie, but we found that stiffer cottons worked well (the chambray tie was the most durable of this bunch!). Have fun experimenting and using any patterns or colors that suit your fancy. xo. emma and elsie


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