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Jelly lens setI recently ordered this Jelly Lens set (for super cheap), it was an impulse purchase, but a really fun one! These tiny plastic lenses are made for point and shoot cameras and cell phones. They have a little jelly ring that sticks to your phone, over the lens. They didn't always stay attached to my phone, so I held them on there most of the time. Here are a few of my favorite lenses from this set... 

1 heart frameHeart Frame: This lens is my favorite! It doesn't exactly look like a heart, but I like the red frame a whole lot!

2 soft lensSoft Lens: This was another favorite. I love the extreme blur. 

3 starburstStarburst: I like this lens too. The blur creates a fun starburst effect. I'll probably use this one a lot. 

4 vignetteVignette: This blur is totally different. It creates the look of motion in the blurred areas.

5 wide angle5 wide angleWide Angle: I'll be honest, this wide angle is WEIRD! It's very difficult to choose a point of focus, but still kinda fun... 

6 antiqueAntique: This lens is super yellow and has a fun retro feel. Very 1970s. I kinda like it.... I don't know... kinda. 

7 image mirage6 Image Mirage: This lens replicates your point of focus six times (this image was of one dandylion) It's fun and different, no?

7 image mirage (This can also be a little creepy... beware!) 

8 polorizedPolorized: A polorizing filter can help skies appear darker and reduce glare. I always avoid taking photos of the sky with my phone because they are usually too blown out (appearing white) so this is pretty useful! I can't wait to use this filter to take some photos of my store windows because they always have crazy glare. 

I had fun playing around with these! If you wanna pick up a lens, you can find them individually on Amazon or in a big pack on eBay. I bought the big pack for around $12. Some of them are better than others, the ones I shared above are my personal favorites. I'm a sucker for camera phone toys! xo. elsie 


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