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Plush dolls3bPlush dolls1bSock monkeys are a classic and super adorable project. They are also simple to create and make great gifts. If you are making these as a gift for a young child remember to use child safe snaps instead of buttons, or no buttons at all (you could use a small piece of fabric or felt for the eyes). And once you've mastered the fine art of the sock monkey you can make slight variations on this pattern to create some little friends-like this cute raccoon!DIY sock monkey steps1. Supplies: two long thick socks, needle and thread, scissors, two black buttons, polyester plush. 2. Take both socks and sew arms, body, legs and ears. 3. The first sock will be the body. Once you've cut and sewn the legs, leave a small hole where you can fill it with plush. Once you've stuffed the body and legs, hand stitch the hole. 4. Next, take the other sock and cut and sew the arms, tail, and ears. 5. Once you've cut and sewn all the pieces, fill each piece with plush! 6. Sew the arms, tail and ears to the body. 7. Last, sew on the mouth by taking the heel of the second sock and hand stitching it onto the face. Once it's sewn half way, fill it with plush and sew the remaining side closed. 8. All done!Plush dolls2bFor the raccoon you can make his tail a little bigger by making his ears smaller (using less fabric). It's fun to add little details too-like pipe cleaner glasses or plaid shorts! Have fun making your own little sock buddy creations.


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