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1 tin containers1 tin containersAdding some green inside your home is a very good thing because plants help clean the air and provide more oxygen. Of course, some plants are better at air purifying than others, so you can visit your local nursery to talk to a plant specialist to find out which is better or you can do some research online. I found this site especially helpful. Also, besides helping clean indoor air, plants can really help spruce up a space. I love plants so much that we have them everywhere in our home and displayed in a variety of ways. The main types of plants I have are air plants, succulents, and regular house plants.

1. One fun way to decorate with plants is choosing what containers you put your plants in. I like to use a variety of things to hold my plants. I have vintage sap buckets in a variety of colors that can hold plants or fresh cut flowers and branches. Vintage tin enamel pieces also hold more plants on another wall. Air plants are great to put on a string and hang up, or can just set one on top of a stack of books. I love to put succulents in little clay pots or small glass containers. Also, I love to use wire baskets and woven baskets as well. One of my fave plant containers is a vintage wash bowl I picked up at the flea market. I put a plant inside and it makes an unexpected, but pretty plant holder.

2   air plants2 air plants2 air plants2. Air plants are really nice and low maintenance. Despite its name, they don't just live off air, but also water. I give my air plants a nice deep soak once a week for about 20 minutes and that seems to keep them nice and hydrated. I let them dry off and hang them back up in their spots. I have purchased some of my air plants from here.

3 succulents3. Succulents are another type of plant that works well for me because I only water them about once a week. With the busyness of having 4 kids, I need things that are low maintenance and succulents are just that. In fact, I have probably gotten away with watering once every two weeks.

4 regular house plants4. Regular house plants are great and the best at cleaning the air, but they do take slightly more care than air plants or succulents. You don't want to over water them though, because overwatering is worse than under watering. Just pay attention to them and once they get dry (use your finger to check if the soil is moist) give them a drink of water. The plants that have done especially well for me are spider plants, golden pothos, and warneck dracaena. You don't ever want plants to sit in water, so if some water is just sitting in bottom of the container, dump it.

5 by itself5 by itself5 by itself5. Most of my plants are grouped together throughout the house. I think they look so striking in masses, and if you mix up the groups with various containers it gives that spot a bit of texture. You can also find a few lone plants in certain areas because mixed in with other decorative items, they can be just as striking. Overall, plants are so beautiful and good for the home. They take a bit of learning, since you will have to get to know how often they need water and what types of area in your home might be best, based on light and air flow for that area, but once you get that, you will be addicted to indoor plants. Plants are just lovely and you can't really go wrong decorating with them! Have a great day! Rubyellen


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