Author: Rubyellen Bratcher,

Collage plant basket 1Collage plant basket 1Supplies Needed: Plant basket, paint brush, mod podge, paper images to go on basket (mine were vintage posters I found online and I just printed them), scissors. 1. Cut out image. 2. Add some mod podge to the entire back of the image. 3. Place image on desired spot on the basket. 4. Mod podge the front of the image on the basket. Let dry and add a plant inside! 

Collage plant basket 3These plant baskets would make adorable gifts! They can be customized in so many ways. I'd love to make some with family photos. Thank you, Rubyellen, for the fun idea. We will be back in a bit to share Rubyellen's 5 tips for adding green to your home! xo. elsie


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