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Organization 1Organization 1Today I want to share a few tips from my own home. I'm not the most organized person by any means, but these simple storage ideas have helped me a lot. 

First up, use a wood box as an instant shelf for shoes and boots. I love having this shelf, especially during winter months. It's a home for our rain boots most of the time! 

Organization 3Bar carts really can work wonders! My husband collects scotch and before we had this cart it was causing a little bit of clutter in our kitchen. Bar carts are perfect because they display your liquor collection and give you an interesting smaller piece of furniture for those hard-to-fill living room corners! 

Organization 4You can use all sorts of things to create storage for your home. Metal baskets, wooden crates, paint cans (and so much more) make great displays with just a few screws or nails! You'll save money, even against the cheaper shelving options, while creating something stylish and custom... win/win! 

PS. Did you notice the polish in mason jars? I almost never misplace a color anymore! 

Organization 5I don't know about you, but if I can't see my accessories I forget I even own them! Displaying them out in the open is the best way to make sure they get worn. 

Organization 6Small pieces are so easy to lose track of! Last summer I invested in a bunch of small plastic containers, mason jars and closet accessories (like this one). I spent a day finding places for my small accessories and it has paid off... big time! I am finally able to keep track of my jewelry, instead of piling it into one big container. 

Organization 7I created this little jewelry display in ten minutes with push pins and paint swatches. It's easy, perfect for renters, and changeable for coming seasons! 

Organization 8If you don't want to spend big bucks creating custom shelving, try these ideas! I purchased some cheap wood shelves (1/2 price at Hobby Lobby) and painted them white. To utilize that space along the floor I stacked wire baskets on their sides for instant shoe shelves! I love being able to see all my shoes, at a glance, when planning outfits. 

Organization 9I am constantly gathering inspiration, sketches and magazine clippings for future dress collections. I created this little wall in my sun room to keep them organized. The rest are stored in the drawers, but at least they aren't scatted throughout the entire home anymore. 

Organization 11We painted our cabinets with chalkboard paint last summer. It was a one day project that gave our kitchen a lot more personality. Now we use the cabinets to jot down menus and grocery lists. It's functional and cute! 

A little rope and clothespins can go a long way to create a pretty, but temporary, photo display! I've often used this method to display photos without the commitment of buying frames and putting holes in the walls. 

Organization 13Try mixing it up with odd or unique containers. This coffee container is used to collect spare change in our bedroom. I chose it at a flea market for it's design and color. I think it's fun to use vintage items for a new purpose in your home! 

Organization 14I love collecting pretty glassware, like this cake stand. Storage can be an issue in our smaller home, though. Instead of storing it all in our laundry room I try to find different ways to use it throughout the home. This way it's being used, even when I haven't baked a cake in quite a while.... :) 

Organization 15Bikes are beautiful! Use them at focal points in your home! The same goes for musical instruments. Don't hide them in the closet, bring them out and let them add personality to your rooms! 

I hope you've picked up a few helpful tips! All of these photos are by Janae Hardy and were taken for my home tour, last winter. Have a great day... Elsie 

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