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Table runner DIY 1We created this simple, tribal-inspired table runner for Emma's home. With a technique similar to our Heart Blanket DIY, see what different pieces you can create by choosing different colors and shapes! Enjoy...

Table runner diy steps1.Supplies: Table runner, paint, paintbrush, cardboard, cork, scissors and glue. 2. Begin by cutting out a shape with the cardboard. To create a design similar to ours, one side of your stamp should be a straight line (to be placed against the edge of the table runner). This will be your stamp! 3. Next glue the cardboard onto a cork, creating a handle to make the stamping easy. Allow it to dry completely. 4. Begin stamping all along the edge of the runner, filling in any splotchy parts with a paintbrush. Allow to dry completely before displaying your new table runner (check your paint bottle for dry times).Table runner DIY 2Table runner DIY 2Table runner DIY 2This project is super easy and can be completed in an afternoon! We'll be back soon with a few snap shoots from Hawaii.... XO. Elsie


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