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Hanging Basket Garden DIYWe have a sweet little backyard at our new house but with a rambunctious puppy and a curious two-year-old, many of my efforts to plant things in the ground have been thwarted. Well, more like dug up, chewed up, and pulled apart. I was determined to have some sort of herb garden so I got smart and came up with my own version of a vertical garden. I used supplies I already had on hand and bought herbs and flowers that would take the same amount of sun. I put this together on a Sunday afternoon and have enjoyed it from my kitchen window all week!

Hanging Basket Garden DIY steps1. Supplies: Three sturdy, woven baskets in similar or equal sizes in a rectangular shape. Remember you're going to need them deep enough to plant something but not so big that they're too full and heavy to hang. Braided polyester rope (similar), 1-2 small bags of potting soil, herbs and flowers. Herbs will flourish with a little more room but I squeezed my flowers in for more color. Scissors, and 2 screws appropriate for where you'll hang your baskets. 2. Arrange your plants in your baskets to make sure they'll fit. Take into consideration how tall your tallest plant might get and use that to evenly space your baskets. 3. Cut your rope so that it's long enough to double up on each side and then add another 3 ft. (see rope on right side of basket) 4. Thread one end of your rope through the front corner of the top basket and pull through making sure to leave about 3' above for hanging. Tie a double-knot and then thread it through the front corner of the second basket. Be sure to keep your baskets evenly spaced as you're threading and knotting. You might want to use chalk to outline where they should go. Repeat as you go back up the back corners of each basket. Repeat on the other side checking to make sure both sides are even. 5. Hang your basket to be sure it is even. Make adjustments. 6. Place plants inside to make sure they're in the order you want. 7. Take plants out and fill your baskets with potting soil (on the ground). Plant your plants. 8. Hang and water.

Hanging Basket Garden DIY This is a great project for renters, apartment dwellers, or anyone who wants to enjoy just a little bit more greenery. It's a low risk project as you don't have to dig up any bit of ground and it'll keep your plants safe from any number of antagonists. Keep in mind where you want to hang your vertical garden when choosing your plants to give them their best chance. Check plant tags for watering and sun requirements.

Hanging Basket Garden DIY detailHanging Basket Garden DIY  Use this same idea in your studio to house crafting supplies, store your fruits and vegetables where you can see them in your kitchen, or add it to your bathroom to store toilet paper and washcloths. It's an attractive way to reclaim some space! -Rachel


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