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Pin backed bangs1As the weather heats up we are on the look out for cute hair styles that are heat proof! Today Katie is showing off a great styling solution for gals with bangs. This is a great option in case you've just had a day at the lake and your hair hasn't had the chance to dry all the way, or if you are planning a hiking adventure and want to keep your bangs out of your face.Twisted bangs steps1. Gather a section of hair in the front. 2. Begin back-combing or teasing from behind. This can give your hair more volume but also help keep loose strands in place. 3. Once the section is teased, wrap a small pony tail holder around the hair. 4. Divide into two sections and pull tight. 5. Gently pull or tug at the front of the hair to create more volume and a smooth "bump." 6. Curl the ends of hair towards the face to finish the look.Pin backed bangs3Katie suggests: Brushing through the curls to give them a smoother/wavier look. Hair spray will help keep this look in place throughout the day. Sweeten this look by adding a small bow or vintage hair clip. xo. elsie and emma


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