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DIY INSTAGRAM CANVAS WALL ARTI whipped this project up for our home last week. We have moving on the brain, so all of the home decor projects I'm taking on this summer will be super easy to transport to a new space! I think summer is a great time for home decor project, don't you? 

DIY SUPPLIES1. Supplies Needed: Instagram photos (I used 4x4 prints provided by PostalPix a great app for printing your instagrams and having them sent right to your doorstep!), a canvas (I used a 12x12 canvas, perfect fit for 9 4x4 photos!), Matte Mod Podge and a paint brush. 2. Arrange your photos. Experiment with placement until you're happy! 3. Adhere the photos to your canvas with Mod Podge. I like to start in the corners and work my way in. 4. Seal with an extra coat of Mod Podge if you like. Let it dry completely and display it in your home! 

DIY INSTAGRAM CANVAS WALL ART 2There you have it! Quick, easy and a nice option for renters (and those planning to move) compared to this project. I may even do a much.much.much larger version before the summer has ended! Hope you are having a great week! We're enjoying our last day in Hawaii now (I'm squeezing in this blog as Jeremy naps!) It's been incredible.... xoxo. Elsie 


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