Sugar cubesIt's super easy and fun to create your own sugar cubes! You could easily customized your sugar cubes with a drop of a flavored extract or food dye. And you could use molds to create fun shapes with your sugar cubes.

Make your own sugar cubesDIY sugar cubesIn a bowl combine 2/3 cup granulated sugar to 1 teaspoon water. The mixture should be very crumbly and not overly moist. Press the sugar into your mold (we used ice cube trays). And place in the freezer over night. Flip the tray upside down onto a cutting board and give it a gentle tap. I cut my cubes in half as I felt they were too large to use for tea (but that's just me). As you can see they are somewhat crumbly but they are super cute and dissolved well in my tea. Enjoy! xo. emma


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