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Quilted mother's day cards 1Want to make a pretty handmade card for Mother's Day? Here's a simple how-to for quilt inspired greeting cards! You can use a sewing machine, or stitch them by hand like we did. Your mother will love one! 

Quilted mother's day cards 21. Supplies: blank note cards, fabric scraps, scissors, double sided tape, paper, pen, needle and embroidery thread. 2. Begin cutting out squares of fabric and attaching them to the front of the card with double sided tape. 3. Continue adding fabric in the form of a pattern. We started in the middle and worked our way out when doing the diamond pattern, but other patterns might work best from starting on the side! 4. Once you've filled the front of the card with fabric, begin top stitching each fabric piece to the card all along the edges. 5. Next, trim off the extra fabric so it fits the square perfectly. 6. Then, make more designs! Try out a regular quilt pattern, a heart stitched on the top, or a herringbone pattern. Get inspired by quilt designs online for your cards! 7. Lastly, Take small strips of paper and write a sweet note, then stitch onto the front of the card. 

Quilted mother's day cards 3Quilted mother's day cards 4Have fun crafting something special for your mom! xoxo. elsie + emma

PS. Here are a few DIY projects that would be fun to make for a Mother's Day gift... this scrapbookthis calendar, these wine corks, a canvas portrait, this vase set, these flower pots, this notebook or this sentimental book.♥ 


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