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1 rain dairyToday Kara is going to share a beautiful art journal that captures one of the beautiful things about her hometown. Enjoy... 

2 rain diary 1I live in a rainy, rainy city (Portland, Oregon) and I wanted a way to record all these lovely (and not so lovely) rainy days. So, I created a Rain Diary. The idea is simple.... Find a piece of scrap paper, run out into the rain, and capture a few droplets. Journal a few thoughts, date it, and you are now on your way toward having a Rain Diary! Here is a tutorial on how I created the book that holds my rain collection.

3 rain diary stepsNow let's put the book together! 1. I decided to use an Instax Wide picture on my cover, so I hand-cut a few rain drops from Hambly Screenprints paper and taped them to my wall before snapping a picture. The photo was a little more boring than I wanted, so I decided to draw the edges on with a pen and scribble over the white parts with a Prismacolor marker. 2. I began by collecting rain on pieces of paper. I used a random, extra notebook I had on hand. 3. I then I ripped about 10 pages out of an extra-large Moleskine cahier journal and folded them in half. 4. I then fed the papers through my sewing machine and sewed along the folded seam to create a binding. Sew back and forth on the beginning and edge like you would on fabric to "tie a knot".5. Collect the materials you would like to use in your book. I recommend choosing several different elements, but repeating them throughout your book to create a consistency. I used record covers and a floral ribbon through my book and I think it helps it feel much more unified. 6. Since the book is already wrinkly because of the rain and the type of paper I chose to use, I like to add even more texture to the mini-book! I used masking tape folded over the edges and trimmed them later. 

Here are the pages I've created so far...
4 rain diary pages 15 rain diary pages 26 rain dairy edgeThanks so much, Kara! I'm so inspired by this. What topic would you choose for an art journal about your hometown? xo. elsie



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