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A Summer AdventureFun news! Emma and I are happy to announce that we are partnering up with Adobe Photoshop Elements for the summer! Wait, what does this mean? It means we will be sharing tips and tricks using Photoshop each month from now until September. We use Photoshop every single day to prepare content for this blog, so we really felt like it was a perfect fit. 

Why We Love PhotographyWe take photos daily for A Beautiful Mess. Whether it's for a DIY, recipe or Today Is features, we feel like we have a camera in front of our face at all times. We love the challenge of always improving. We love the process of going from an idea to a finished photo. We love playing with color and texture. Most of all, we love capturing people and creating photographs that tell a little bit about a person's life. Our Photo RoutineHere's a little peek into our everyday photo routine... 

GEAR/ I've posted a full list of gear here. We like to keep it simple in this department. The only updates we have had since then are that I now use a Canon 60D, I use a Bamboo Tablet to write/draw on my photos and I use Totally Rad Actions! to edit my images. 

LIGHTING/ We use 100% natural lighting. We do have some lights that we used in the past for retail photos and we found that it just didn't fit with our style. We love the vibe of natural light so we often shuffle around our schedule to make sure we can take photos during the daylight. For DIY or recipes we prefer to shoot early in the day. For fashion photos we love the magic hour

BACKDROPS + LOCATIONS/ We collect props and wood backdrops at our studio and homes to use for blog photos. For fashion photos (or any photos with people) we love to drive around our city and scout out cool walls and fences. We usually spend more time finding the perfect spot than taking the actual photos. :)

PHOTOSHOP/ I mentioned the actions we use above. When using actions we still do lots of tweaks before and after we run the action. We use photoshop to correct colors, exposure and then to create a fun vibe with colors. In the future I'll share some before/after examples with you. Our photos sometimes start out pretty dull looking and after we play with the colors they have a lot more personality. I prefer very warm tones in my photos. We also add fonts and handwriting to photos pretty much every day.

We're Passionat About LifeWe're passionate about capturing our lives with our cameras. Our photos don't have to be perfect. We care about celebrating the little things and capturing moments that our children will look back on. They might laugh at our ridiculous outfits and they might make fun of the way we styled our homes... but they will know us better and they will get to see a part of our lives from before they were born. We love this! Details are everything.The Little ThingsWe believe the little things are what really count when it comes to photography. This photo was snapped during the first month I dated Jeremy. Each time I look at it, I feel something. I'm instantly nostalgic, warm and so thankful. I think that's what a photograph should do. That's a little idealistic maybe, but it's something to strive for. It's a beautiful goal. 

We're excited to share more over the next few months. This weekend we are heading to San Francisco to meet everyone from Photoshop and get prepared for the campaign. We will probably post a bunch of instagrams (@elsiecake + @emmaredvelvet) if you want to follow along. XO. elsie + emma 

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