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Dolly inspired hair tutorialWe're pretty huge Dolly fans around here. In this hair tutorial Katie is shares her tips for getting big, fabulous old country inspired hair! Enjoy... 

Steps 1Step 1: Beginning at the top of the head (near the part), take a section of hair and spray the underside with hair spray.  Step 2: Tease the underside of the hair and continue down until all of the hair is teased.  Step 3: Flip the hair over and smooth only the top.  Step 4: Begin rolling the hair into the hot rollers by starting at the top middle section.  Step 5: Continue rolling the hair-- doing the sides next, and then finish up with the back.

Now let the hot rollers sit in the hair and cool down.  Tick-tock... tick-tock...

Steps 2Steps 6-7:  Unroll the hair from the curlers.  Start at the bottom and work your way to the top.  Step 8:  Tease your bangs or front section of hair.  Step 9:  Curl the bangs and any other face-framing pieces that may not have made it into the hot rollers.  Steps 10-11: Pulled the curled bangs up and to the side.  Step 12: Hair spray!  Use lots of hair spray to keep that volume and help the curls stay in place.

Dolly inspired hair DIYDolly inspired hair DIYHave fun styling! Katie 


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