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Emma's everyday styling routineElsie and I get asked every now and then about our everyday styling routines. I'll be the first to admit that I am no makeup expert. But I love trying new products and techniques and over the years I have developed an everyday makeup and hair routine that I am comfortable with and that I feel works best with my features. Today I thought it would be fun to share my routine, along with all the real products I use.

Let's get startedIn the morning I wash my face and apply a moisturizer with SPF 15. I have gotten in the habit of wearing a little sunscreen everyday in the hopes that one day my skin will look as good as my mother's. Dream big, I say.

Foundation + ConcealerI apply concealer to my under eye circle areas and if I have a blemish I usually blot on a little concealer to that as well. (Side note: When is this blemish thing going to be over?! I thought by my mid/late 20s I'd be done with all that.) I am currently using CoverGirl Invisible Concealer in Fair. I then apply foundation to my entire face and try to blend it on my jaw line and neck. Currently using NYC Liquid foundation. The NYC makeup brand is super inexpensive so it suits my thrifty heart.

BronzerBronzer With foundation and bronzerI then brush bronzer just below my cheekbones. They say matte is best but I tend to like a little sparkle in my bronzer, it's the 90's child in me. I'm currently using Jane shimmering bronzer.

BlushNext, I apply a touch of blush to just above my cheekbones. I read once that this makes you look less tired. Sold. I've been doing it ever since. For blush I'm currently using Wet n Wild in heather silk.

EyelinerOn to the eyes: I actually do wear eyeliner almost every day. I line the outer two-thirds of my upper lids and just dot in a little bit on my outer lower lids. For a special night I sometimes add a lot more liner and a tiny cat-eye effect. My current eyeliner is Bonne Bell Eye Style Precise Eyeliner in Basic Black.

EyeshadowBenefit EyeshadowFor eyeshadow I like use at least three neutral tones. I usually buy one of those multi-packs of eyeshadow so everything goes well together; currently using Benefit Cosmetics Big Beautiful Eyes Palette. I brush a tiny bit of darkest brown into the outer edges of my lids and blend toward the center. Next, I add the second darkest shade to the center of my lid and blend. Last, I brush on the lightest shade from the inner corners and blend toward the center. It's a lot of blending but I've found this helps to make the shadow look a little more natural.

MascaraMascaraMascara. You gotta have mascara. Even on days I'm giving my face a rest from make up I usually still wear mascara and lip gloss. I'm currently loving Rimmel Scandaleys Mascara in Extreme Black.

LipstickLipstickNow I add a little lipstick. I tend to wear a lot of darker neutrals/browns for everyday wear. I get adventurous now and again with reds and pinks but most days I play it safe with a bronze brown lipstick. I'm currently loving NYC Lipstick in Caramel.

Finish with powderLast I add a bit of powder to set my look and keep things matte. I really love L'Oreal Paris True Match Powder in soft ivory (this also has SPF 19, double win!). I have oily skin so powder is nice, you don't want too much sheen. I press my lips together as I powder around my lips and chin. I've found that this helps my lipstick stay in place longer.

Finished MakeupCurlsNow let's talk hair. I have straight, limp, lazy hair. That's the card I was dealt in life. And since I have oily skin, my hair, especially around my hairline, gets greasy looking fast. To combat this tragedy I use dry shampoo. I LOVE my dry shampoo. I don't know what I ever did without it. My favorite brand is Not Your Mother's Dry Shampoo. Simply spray a little in, brush out and boom- clean looking hair. Most days I curl the ends of my hair and spray in place. I also like to rock a braided crown now and again, especially if it's rainy out.

Emma's Finished LookEmma's Styling RoutineI hope you've enjoyed seeing my everyday styling routine. I tried to add links to products I could find online, or very similar products. Thanks for letting me get a little girlie with you. Elsie will be sharing her everyday styling routine in the near future as well. xo. Emma 


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