Fancy ice cubesAs the summer heats up around here we are looking for ways to dress up our iced beverages. Here are three fun ideas for making your own fancy ices cubes; along with serving suggestions. Enjoy!

Raspberry 1Raspberry 1Raspberry Mint ice cubes: to make simply add a fresh min leaf and a raspberry or two to each ice cube before freezing. These are super pretty! You can add any kind of berry or cut fruit that you like. These ice cubes are excellent in mojitos, white wine spritzers, gin and tonics, lemonade, ginger ale and ice tea. If you don't love mint try adding basil for a more savory option.

Layers 1Layers 1Layered ice cubes: to make pour a layer of juice or other colored liquid into your tray, about 1/3 full. Freeze for a couple hours until set. Add a second layer, freeze again until set. Add a third layer and freeze until completely frozen. For mine I used blueberry juice, mango juice and raspberry juice. You could use flavored lemonades or even add a layer of alcohol if you like. These are excellent for adding to chilled club soda or Sprite, the frozen juice layers will slowly flavor your drink!

Coffee 1Coffee 1Coffee (or tea) ice cubes: to make simply fill your tray with left over coffee or tea. This is the perfect addition to your iced coffee or ice tea favorites because the ice will not water down your beverage like regular ice cubes will. 

Fancy iceHave fun coming up with your own frozen favorites. xo. Emma


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