Project ReStyle

Project Restyle is a just-for-fun creative group focused on ReStyling damaged, unwanted or unusable goods into fresh, beautiful pieces. Project ReStyle is Rachel's and my New Years Resolution! We are going to create weekly projects to give life to used items. We'll make fashion pieces as well as home decor projects! Anyone can join in the fun....

Project ReStyle Guidelines

1. You must use unwanted, damaged or unusable vintage or used items to ReStyle. One of the big purposes of the group is that it encourages green living and is budget friendly. You can use items from your own closet/attic that you no longer love, thrifted finds or hand-me-downs. 

2. Take a Before & After photo of your ReStyled project. It's that simple!

3. Share your creative work on your blogs and in our Flickr Group. If you don't have a Flickr account, it's free to join. We'll be choosing favorites each week to share on our blogs, so you'll want to be sure to join the fun. 

4. You can create fashion, home decor or gift items. There are no limits on what types of items you can ReStyle! Be creative and make items you know you can really use! 

We want you to join us this year! If you'd like to be a part of Project ReStyle, Here's how! Leave your name here in the comments to 'pledge' to be a part of the challenge, join our Flickr group to share your creations and post on your blog each time you make a new project. FUN. 

Project ReStyle is the 'love child' of Rachel Denbow and Elsie Flannigan. Everyone is invited to join in the fun! We will have twenty six special guest designers in 2011 (see schedule and links below. the schedule will be continually updated with links to projects.) PLUS we will each be featuring favorite projects from our Flickr Group each week on our blogs. 



Please spread the word about this fun challenge by blogging about it and using these cute buttons on your blog sidebar...

See all the projects! 52 Weeks in 2011...

WEEK 1- Gold Sparkle Shoes, WEEK 2- Bed Lamp, WEEK 3-ReStyled Candlesticks, WEEK 4- Lace Mini Dress, WEEK 5- ReStyled 80s Mannequin, WEEK 6- Men's Shirt into a Pretty Skirt, WEEK 7+8- Geometric Mobile & Cute Top ReStyle, WEEK 9+10- Tapestry Bag + Side Table ReStyle, WEEK 11+12- Necklace Display + Honeycomb Shelving, WEEK 13- Repurposed Vintage Luggage Tags, WEEK 14+15- ReStyled Camping Cots & A Dress to Top, WEEK 16- Summer Shop Display- A ReStyled Wicker Piece, WEEK 17+18- ReStyled Sailor Dress + Leather Tassel Purse, WEEK 19- Vintage Belt to Bow Tie, WEEK 20- Lace Briefcase ReStyle, WEEK 21- Painted Plate ReStyle,


I pledge!

I'm excited to be part of this! I try and get motivated to re-purpose items all the time so I can't wait to see what others will be making to inspire me, and I hope I inspire them as well!

It's interesting. I'm in!!

I want to try this. Sounds fun!

This sounds like so much fun! I really like the reuse and recycle idea and I try to make things like that as often as possible. I hope I'll be able to keep up with this.

p.s. Merry Christmas to you all and your lovely families! <3

Great idea! I'm in.

Oh my goodness, this is so exciting! And such a great idea!

i'd love to be a part of this!
i have some ideas already.. vintage pillow cases and thrifted dress patterns are on my mind.. :)

Yay! This is totally what I'm all about :) I can't wait to see inspiration from others, and hopefully be motivated to continue the re-style type projects I've already started!

I'm so in! I just need to learn how. I hope it is easier than sewing clothes from scratch!

what a fantastic project !
it's all I love and according to my own year's projects :)
I'm in !!!!

Yay! I'm in too! Sounds like a great idea!

ohhh i def want to do this!!! Im excited now!

I'm in! Great ideia! :)

Sign me up, this sounds like great fun : )

this is awesome! i have some things that i have been wanting to restyle but have not gotten around to. sooo excited!

I can't wait to get started. Thanks for the inspiration.

Oh this is so cool! I am not crafty at all but I am in!

I pledge to be a part of this...I love doing things like this...great idea! Hearts, Janna Lynn

Oooooo I'm in! I love love love doing this type of work!

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